Our Partners

About Stem Financial

Stem Financial is a Hong Kong based private investment firm focused on helping growing financial service companies to achieve success. Stem invested in TRB in 2015.

Featuring a team with long histories of banking experience, spanning Asia, Europe, and the US, Stem Financial is a firm believer in the Philippine success story. Stem’s greatest assets are its people and reputation. Stem believes in fostering a culture of teamwork, communication and integrity, consistently applying these core principles to relationships with portfolio companies and investors.

Stem focuses exclusively on financial services in Asia and understands there is a severe lack of credit in our part of the world. There are no credit bureaus or ratings in many countries and traditional banks are unable or unwilling to lend to small businesses and consumers. As a result, for instance, formal household debt in the Philippines is only 6% of GDP. Each day over 1 million Filipinos visit pawnshops. This leaves a growing segment of entrepreneurs often unable to grow their businesses and individuals unable to finance their ambitions. Stem invests in, grows and builds businesses which provide financial services to those neglected by traditional banks.

As a medium to long -term investor, Stem Financial, plays an active role in partnership with the TRB management team in improving the operations of the Bank and in increasing shareholder value.

Visit their website at www.stemfin.com

About Asialink Finance

Asialink Finance Corporation is one of the leading and fastest-growing finance companies in the Philippines.

The company was established in June 1997 when a group of enterprising executives ventured into the consumer financing business with only three million pesos in capitalization. With good demand and sound credit, Asialink Finance Corporation was off to a good start.

Today, it employs more than seven hundred personnel, thousands of independent Loan Consultants, and with over eighty branches nationwide serving the financial needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Asialink Finance Corporation offers a wide array of loan products, from personal loans for OFWs and Seafarers, car and truck mortgage, clean and secured business loans, to consumer loans like 2nd Hand Car and Truck Financing, among others.

“Accessible, Fast, and Convenient Loans, Today!” is the mission and commitment of Asialink Finance Corporation. With competitive interest rates coupled with fast processing time, the company is poised to serve a larger share of the market while continuing to help our core clients in the unbanked and underserved sector.

The vision of the company is “to be a key driver of economic growth by providing inclusive financial access. By becoming the most dynamic and trusted lending partner, we enable businesses to grow and we help individuals achieve their dreams.” And this has been and will be a compass and rudder for all project initiatives and partnerships.

Visit their website at www.asialinkfinance.com.ph/